I have been under the care of Dr. Zaki for over 6 years. In all that time she has made me feel like I am a very special patient to her. No matter what issue I have had, sometimes not related to her practice studies, I am ALWAYS treated empathetically and with the utmost care. Dr. Zaki is also very patient with her patients through her use of active listening skills. This skill alone makes a patient feel much at ease and cared about. Secondly, Dr. Zaki is very thorough. She always chooses a medical study for you neurological issue that will give you the most benefit for diagnosis and treatment purposes. However, if your problem is out of her practice studies, she will make a referral for you to another physician who can better assist you. If you have an appointment with her, occasionally you may have a small wait but I have found that she is worth the wait because she cares about your health and well being. I feel that most physicians are always in a hurry to get you out of their offices before you have had the chance to say a single word to them. As I said, Dr. Zaki is not one of these doctors. She always makes herself available after office hours. she will always be available by phone should you need to speak to her about your health issue.

Lastly, her staff is always ready to help you with a friendly approach no matter what their day is like. Dr. Zaki and her staff’s motto is: The patient always comes first. It was with great privilege that I was asked to write this letter about her.

-Mary A. Racette


My husband and I LOVE and appreciate Dr. Zaki more than we could ever say. She has been one of our biggest blessings. She has always been there for us over several years as our neurologist. Her loving care, TLC, patience, and encouragement have been true gifts!  Her thoroughness, efficiency, knowledge, and advice have always made us trust her. In everything she does she shows her love and concerns for us and her other patients. Something that we appreciate about her is that she takes time to ask and answer our many questions so that we can understand. She is always without fail sensitive to our needs. In my 33 years of having MS,  prior to Dr. Zaki, I have had care from 10 neurologists. Dr. Zaki is the best neurologist by far I have ever had. We are so grateful God brought her into our lives and for the person he made her to be. Dr. Nadia Zaki is a very special lady…

-Patty Cameron


I am a 35 year old woman and was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis by Dr. Zaki.  I had been to   many doctors and no one could find what was wrong with me. When I met Dr. Zaki she was extremely kind, tremendously helpful, and exceptionally patient.  She will always listen to what I have to say and then will address all of my questions, at any time. If someone is looking for a wonderful Neurologist, then I highly recommend Dr. Nadia Zaki.



Dr. Zaki always makes us feel that she truly cares about us, because that is the kind of Lady that she is. Always genuine and wearing a big, beautiful smile! 

-Lars & Debra Stark